What’s sleep again?

So it’s 3:30 am and I am WIDE awake. I know I need to sleep and I want to so desperately. My son has a parent workshop in the morning at 9 am and I really want to make it because I always miss these things and I know how much he will want me to be there.

So far I’ve tried listening to three types of music, a hint of mindfulness, bed stretches and breathing exercises (it’s like a recipe right!). Four hours later and I’ve caved. Unless my eyelids start drooping I know that sleep won’t come. Between the worry of how I may or may not function in the morning and the pain in my back and hips my mind and body can’t relax.

Sleep is one of my biggest battles. I either sleep too much when the fatigue hits me, or I can’t sleep at all because I’m in too much pain and cannot get comfortable enough to switch off. I even have a sleep toolbox to aid these sleep battles and all have worked at some point hence I keep trying them but sometimes it’s not meant to be.

My sleep tool box includes:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxing music
  • Lavender scented creams, sprays and oils
  • Stretches
  • Rigid sleep routine
  • Reading
  • No screen time
  • No eating late (this one is sooo hard)

There are probably more too. A good sleep routine is definitely key to sleep success and a lot of the other tools are usually part of the routine. But I made the fatal mistake on Sunday and let myself sleep most of the day as I had overdone my activity levels on Saturday. So most nights I havn’t sleep and ended up sleeping all Monday morning as well as a few daytime naps. Now it will take me a week to get back into a routine and I want to kick myself but it will hurt too much!!

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