Isn’t the Weather lovely

It’s been a bit longer than I hoped since my last post but I wanted to check in with a few ramblings. Time has just flown by and although I have been working on a couple of blogs my brain seems to have frozen. You know that lovely brain fog that prevents you from saying what you mean! Well apparently that also applies to writing. I’ve also had a bit of a flare early this week which left me all out of sorts. So the blogs I’m working on currently make no sense at all and I need to work on them a little longer.

So now I’m back and at the moment feeling positive. The sunshine does this for me. I know not every Fibro sufferer enjoys the hot weather and for those of you suffering in the heat I send you gentle virtual hugs. For me the sunshine is the one thing that motivates and energises me, if only I could move to a hot country. I am lucky enough that if the heat is too much my living room is fairly cool so I get to dip in and out of the sunshine as I please. For any of you stuck at home or indoors on days like this, if you can manage just ten or twenty minutes out in the sun and maybe listen to some music. Sunshine and songs you love are great for your mood, the sun will boost your vitamin D levels and apparently music can help you produce endorphins (if only you could get those in a bottle). I don’t want to sound like one of those annoying people that don’t get it when you are feeling s**t, on Thursday I was nearly in tears from the pain and stiffness. But later in the day I popped to see my friend Jackie and just being outside for a while and having a good old moan gave me the boost I needed to try harder at life the next day. Stuff it I am that annoying nag, get outside and soak a few rays and see if it gives you a boost. At the very least you can say you tried.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m having a crack at dieting. I was super chuffed to lose two pounds last week…whoop whoop! So far the only rules I’m sticking too are cutting out sugary foods, no eating after 7pm and calorie counting with My Fitness Pal. I’ve managed to stick to less than 1370 calories a day and after a few days of severe sugar cravings I’m now coping ok. I haven’t gone on a diet for soooo long because it’s my worst nightmare, especially as mike does the shopping and cooking. He buys so many yummy yet naughty foods. So I am just taking each day as it comes and if I do have a treat then I know I need the next meal to be lower in calories. Fingers crossed I’ve lost again this week. I do feel better for eating less rubbish. Do any of you find any foods or diets help or hinder your symptoms? I’d love to hear about it if you do.

One thought on “Isn’t the Weather lovely

  1. I have tried over the last couple of years to lose weight but when I feel bad I just want cereal and chocolate. I was awake all night except 11.30- 1.30 this morning 😞 so painful. We went out for in laws wedding anniversary! It was really lovely. I really am pretty broken now. My eldest turned 20 on Tuesday. So this really has been a busy week. 🤪


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