Roll on Summer Holidays

I always seem to forget how tiring and stressful this time of year is and boy have I been reminded these past few weeks. Since we hit July we’ve celebrated my birthday with a BBQ and a meal out. Hayden’s birthday we’ve had a meal out, a soft play date and a trampoline park play date. End of school year we’ve had a summer fete, awards ceremony, meeting new teachers and sports day. So it’s safe to say I am totally shattered.

I’m torn between being really proud of myself for managing to take part in everything over the past two weeks and terrified that I’m going to crash any moment, although today I do feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat. I’m not sleeping at all well because my restless legs are playing up, as soon as I start to drift off and my eyes droop closed it’s like my nerves decide to have a dance party and want to drag me along for the ride. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had the energy to actually dance. But I should be proud. As much as I constantly feel like I’m forcing myself to get to every event, once I’m there I’m ok and having fun regardless of the pain and tiredness.

This summer we have cancelled our big holiday. Mainly for financial reasons but also because I was concerned about how I would cope with being on a cruise and getting on and off the ship especially on a bad day. I didn’t want us spending all that money on a holiday we couldn’t take full advantage of. So we are settling for day trips, camping trips and my mums caravan. I’m more than happy with this because I know we can still have just as much fun with friends and family without the worry of spending too much money (still hanging on for a lottery win everyday). What sort of holidays are in your comfort zone? I always love to hear about holiday ideas that are easy on energy levels and easy on finances so please feel free to share your experiences.

Another aim for this summer is to get the Warburton household back in order. Over the past 3 years I am guilty of letting many things slide and my main concern is the state of my house and the lack of structure my kids have. Lexie only has two years before going to secondary school and I’ve realised that my kids have it a little too easy when it comes to rules and chores. This is both mine and Mike’s fault because we’ve done anything for an easy life while adjusting to the severity of my symptoms. A friend pointed out to me that we also must feel guilty for how the kids lives are affected by my illness and she is probably right. But now it’s time to take action. I plan to spend the summer as a family organising and decluttering the house as well as putting into place some house rules and family chores. It’s going to be a bumpy road I’m sure but I know in the long run that we will all benefit from a happy home where Mummy isn’t constantly nagging all the time (here’s hoping). Please feel free to remind me of this after the summer and check in if I actually stuck to my guns.

I hope you all have a lovely summer planned. I would love to hear stories of any of your adventures with or without little ones. If you are too tired for adventures I’ve been there too and as much as it sucks, if you need to rest or take it easy that’s ok, don’t beat yourself up over what you can’t do.

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